Social media photos on your site using #hashtags and check-ins.

Let your fans, customers and followers create content for you.
Perfect for events, festivals, tournaments and weddings.

Automatically pull content from Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and Flickr. More social networks expected soon!

Features that'll make you exclaim.

Grab from 5 social networks.

How it works.

You select the hashtag you'd like to use. Then tell us which social networking sites you'd like to pull content from. You may select one or any combination of what we currently offer.

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Encourage your fans, followers, friends and customers to use your hashtag in their posts on Instagram, Flickr and Twitter and to check-in with a photo on Foursquare.

Leave the rest to us

We'll create your custom gallery of user submitted photos in real-time by grabbing them automatically off of the social networks you've chosen. We can custom integrate the gallery on your website, create a one page website for your event or host it on our site. Optionally, you can choose to approve photos before they go live with our mobile web app. Coming soon: a self-service sign up and install process. Have your gallery up and running in minutes! See our FAQs for more information.

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About us

Exclaimr is a web application created by q new media. Since 1996 we've been providing Internet solutions to events, athletes and the golf industry.

Contents © q new media, inc. Logos are trademarked to their respective owners. Exclaimr is not endorsed by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Foursquare but uses available APIs to pull content from these social networks.